Look, I love good quotes, but what's the point is using one if you're not putting it into action?!? I've created a collection of ones I love that I personally have put into action throughout my journey in life and business.

Our mindset has such a huge impact on our business and lives. OMG. Huge. I found when I worked on clearing out my mind (through things like mind dumps, meditation, seeking professional help, etc.) I was the happiest.

Something I ask myself when sh*t really hits the fan. Am I going to regret not trying just one more time? One step at a time. If my answer is "no"....I let it go. If my answer is "yes"..I give it another shot...and another and another. One step at a time.

This one seems to be said at least once a week for me. Entrepreneurship has so many ups and downs. I can say one thing for sure, the people I've met and the relationships I've built have helped me through some pretty crazy sh*t.

I was told this when discussing me helping my own clients. I cannot help them if I'm in the shadows and not in the light myself (in regards to getting myself known as an expert in my field).

A great quote I live by in my personal life as well as teach my clients this. For every item that comes in, that same number of the item goes out = no clutter = clarity in your life.


How many times have you done something...encountered a setback....and had this exact thought? Yeah, me too! Don't stop yet if where you are right now, isn't where you wanted to go.

remember your why

So many times we have our head in the books and don't look up. Sometimes we forget why we are even going through the ups and downs of life. But if you don't forget why you started, what set the spark to begin with, you'll get there.

If you haven't been "in the arena" of life and business, then you have no reason to give me advice and visa versa. Be careful who you take the criticism from, some people would rather give advice they wouldn't take themselves.

I found that the most impactful moments of my life were also the most challenging at the time. Sometimes I felt that it was "too much", but eventually, I saw the change it brought to me and my life for the better.