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I’ll explain.

BYOC Party (bring your own Clutter)

What is a BYOC Party?

These are the group Zoom sessions that I do with my clients to help them clear the clutter in their space and lives. We hop on for 2-hour video call broken up into rounds of a 25-minute productive session, and 5-minute break sessions (give or take depending on the people who join and what’s being worked on). This is also known as Pomodoro.

During the productive rounds, I play music for the #Partiers to listen to while they declutter (everyone’s mic is muted). At any point someone has a question about the area they are decluttering, he or she types it in the chat and I can answer so others can benefit from it as well.

How does group decluttering help?

Before we begin, I ask what everyone is working on for the BYOC Party and see if there is a way to break that task into smaller actionable steps so he or she is most efficient. The idea here is not to get overwhelmed with the whole big picture, rather break it down into actionable and efficient steps that feel ‘doable’ within the 25-minutes.

We start a round of 25 minutes, music’s set and we get to work!

During this time everyone works on what he or she said they wanted to accomplish. Do we always finish? Most times, And then other times we hit roadblocks. Emotional and mental blocks are the two main ones (as long as the kids and squirrels stay at bay). This is why we declutter together. If people are doing this alone, they don’t have anyone to chat with about these roadblocks as they come up. Because we are doing the decluttering as a group, we all get to discuss these lessons together and support one another during what could have been an overwhelming situation. Hence, why decluttering can be overwhelming.

Sometimes just talking about these thoughts and feelings help clarify the root cause. It’s not always obvious.

Why I have clients declutter their own “stuff”

Plain and simple? To break the habits that caused the clutter to accumulate in the first place. It’s easy for me to tell a client to get rid of all the unnecessary items they no longer use and just do it for them. Perfect. Problem solved.

Not exactly.

See, the physical clutter, it’s just a consequence of the other “clutter” in one’s life. So if I’m the only one decluttering, without the client’s help, then those habits aren’t broken and the mental and emotional clutter could get worse. Working through the physical clutter (and digital sometimes) actually allows the clients to discover their “why” the clutter happened in the first place. Sometimes it’s as simple as too much stuff. However, there are other times we’ve discovered that it’s as complex as letting go of the attachment to items we thought we should keep versus ones we intentionally want to keep.

Be INTENTIONAL with what (and who) you allow into your space/life

Breaking the clutter habit comes down to what you are purposely allowing into your space and life, and yes, this includes the people/relationships. Are you keeping things because you WANT to, or because you feel you have an obligation? (example. You were given items because someone has passed, or they just didn’t want those items in their home anymore). Be intentional when presented these items.

Do you really want these items in your space?

Can you use these items in some way that benefits you and your family?

Are you only saying “yes” because you feel guilty saying “no”?

And remember, this includes the people you let into your life as well. Are you intentional about your relationships, or do you have a few that have plateaued and you’re together ‘just because’? This includes client, romantic, friends and even family relationships.

What happens when we don’t feel like decluttering during a BYOC Party?

There have been times where some of the members weren’t feeling like they wanted to declutter their physical space that day. So, we didn’t. We decided to bring your own Creativity! (This is where the Bring Your Own “C” word came from) They worked on something to raise their creative juices and still be productive. Work was still complete and fun was still had. Together.

The important part is the Partiers recognize that when they schedule the time to join a BYOC Party, they know they’ve made an intentional choice to increase the quality of their space, their business, their family and themselves.

And they have the support. Always.

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