Who wants to declutter by themselves?


Me neither. That’s boring...and not very productive if you’re not having fun.

So let’s make decluttering FUN!!!!

Enter: BYOC PARTY!!!!

What the heck is that?!?!

It’s a group ZOOM video chat centered around helping you declutter your home, your office, and your life. With a FUN virtual twist!

We get sh*t done, together!

This party is for everyone who wants to finally clear the overwhelming clutter and live a calm, simplified life. Come with a project to tackle, or questions to be answered.

Everyone (and their family) is welcomed!


Have you ever said:

"I don't schedule the time to go through the stuff"

"OMG... I have so much junk!"

"I just need it all to go away (maybe I'll just light a match to it)"


Do you "win the day" when you finally find 'that thing' you were looking for?!?


Now, wouldn’t it be nice to clear some of that clutter, have people join you who understand the struggles and the overwhelm AND have fun?!? (because, yes, decluttering can be fun!)

In a BYOC Party, I go back to the basics and help you save time, money and your sanity. You are supported throughout the process and have a Declutter Expert (aka me, Heather Clark) right there with you for any questions you may have throughout the party.

Trust me, when you clear out the clutter, life seems to be more fun and who doesn’t want to have more fun!?

Life is about spending the TIME with family and friends. So let's clear out your space, give you your sanity back and go into the year calm, planned and organized.


2hr Party $29

We clear out the 'stuff'...together! 

We get productive and have fun clearing out the clutter.

I bet you've never had fun decluttering, have you?

That's what I'm here to change.

I want you to get the support and know that I'm right there with you throughout the entire time if you have questions, concerns or just want to shoot the sh*t while clearing the sh*t. 

- Heather Clark (Your Declutter Expert)

How it works: (Pomodoro style)

2 hr BYOC Party ($29/party)

  • 10 minutes of introductions and answer any questions before we start
  • 25 minutes of decluttering
  • a 10-minute break to discuss how things are going, if you have any concerns or questions
  • 25 minutes of decluttering
  • a 10-minute break 
  • 25 minutes of decluttering
  • 15-minutes wrap up (no pitch)

These sessions go by quickly! And you're going to be motivated to get sh*t done!

times are approximate, sometimes we declutter through a break, other times we need a longer break. Each BYOC Party is unique depending on who joins and what is being decluttered. However, each and every BYOC Party we make sure we get sh*t done while making decluttering FUN!!! (and yes, that did rhyme)

What has been decluttered so far during a BYOC Party?

  • * over 800 digital files
  • * 5+ mind-dumps
  • * photos framed and finally hung
  • * multiple tables cleared off
  • * 16+ bags of clothes (including those pesky random socks!!!) cleared out and ready to be donated/tossed
  • * 4+ boxes of 'stuff' ready for someone else to love
  • * 5+ shelves cleared off and organized
  • * Multiple cabinets cleaned out and organized
  • * a 1999 sweater was released and now she's going to party like it's 2018!!!
  • * Jewelry organized and put in the proper places
  • * A receipt found for broken small appliance so it can be replaced....for FREE! $$$ saved!
  • * A large appliance (old dryer) sold and picked-up
  • * and SO much more!

Most importantly, new connections were made, lives changed, and we had FUN!!

2hrs Party $29


"I recently joined Heather on a BYOC party. I had no expectations of what was going to happen and was a little nervous trying something new and getting out of my comfort zone.

Heather led the party in such a calm, competent manner that I immediately felt at ease. She kindly asked me to re-visit my expectations of what I could achieve in a short period of time and when we re-set those expectations guess what! I achieved them. Not only that, the party was fun. Yes, who knew decluttering online could be fun...but it was!

During the BYOC I found over $500 in value...not in the ways you might think though. I found a receipt for a very nice Smeg kettle that had broken, which was still in warranty. Voila - over $150 found. I found a credit card with zero % interest. Voila - over $400 interest saved. And I also found circa $35 of free vouchers for my favourite home I could shop for free. It wasn't just about the money I found. The BYOC party helped me recognise areas in my life of unmanageability. Now I open my post immediately and I either action it, shred it or file it. Straight away. No procrastination. Getting over the fear of my paperwork is priceless. Thank you, Heather. I can't wait for the next party. I think it's time to address all the shoes and handbags I'm holding onto.

As a creative type, I thought to have a messy office was normal. Thanks to Heather I've found I'm much happier and more productive when my office environment is organised. Strangely, my mind feels less cluttered. At the next BYOC party, I'm going to have a digital declutter."

Liz Wilkins - Marketing Ninja

"I have never been an organized person. I struggled, I feel like, from the moment I was born with things like cleaning, organizing and general "home care". My issue was never that I was lazy or couldn't do it, but that I am an extreme perfectionist which leads to an all or nothing mentality, ESPECIALLY in the home care arena! Add in 6 children, being a creative, an attachment to physical things, and a love for all things nostalgic, and you can imagine the issues that were arising. 

When I connected with Heather, it was the right timing in my life to start taking care of these issues. However, I literally laughed out loud at her bold statement that decluttering, cleaning, and organizing could be fun. 
I attended a BYOC Declutter party and I had to admit: Heather. Was. RIGHT. I had fun. I actually got things accomplished, AND I was actually excited about the next one! Heather was there with me every step of the way to make sure I was getting things done but also offering support during those moments where I felt like it was overwhelming or emotional for me.
What's even more amazing is how my life has shifted just by taking control of the physical clutter in my home. When you do that, it seems that you create space in your life to release SO much more that's not serving you! Through this process of physical decluttering, I've also "decluttered" unhealthy relationships, weight, and even part of my business that wasn't working!
Heather, I cannot begin to thank you enough for your work. My life is forever positively changed because of your help and guidance and support of me."
Jessica Dugas - Intuitive Mentor


2hrs Party $29