Emotional effects of clutter

Let’s look at the emotional effects of clutter

Clutter can most definitely have emotional effects, whether we are aware of this or not, it happens. Anywhere from being angry, upset, confused, worried, etc. all these negative emotions are effected by clutter, physical or mind clutter, the effects are there.
Let me recap the causes of clutter for you.
Causes of clutter:
– unfinished projects
– no system in place or if there is a system, it’s too complicated
– keeping up with the Jones’ behaviour
– ‘attachment thinking’
Emotions, we all have them. We go through so many throughout the day we can’t even keep track. Some believe we have five main emotions;
sadness, joy, fear, disgust and anger. (I’m going to reference the movie “Inside Out” as I loved watching it with the kids and I found  it explained a lot of how we go through all of these emotions (and combinations) within a day). So what does this have to do with clutter and your home office?

 Here are some major issues I’ve come across with people talking about their clutter:

– increased stress and anxiety (we have all experienced this with trying to “find that thing” and not being able to find it right away)
– feeling overwhelmed and therefore procrastinate (this includes anything to do with our business…..we walk into our home office to do work, see the clutter…..than walk right back out because it’s too overwhelming!)
– embarrassment (do you shut your office door all the time because you don’t want people to “judge your clutter”?)
– anger and resentment (these feelings become so strong that we carry them over into our business and have shorter fuses with clients, co-workers, etc.)
Now follow those keys words you use to describe your own home and office and see what the main emotions are?  Are you the bottom half, or the top half? Where would you love to be when you think about your home and office space?
Want to learn about the physical effects or financial effects of clutter?

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