Financial effects of clutter

Looking at the financial effects of clutter

Clutter has huge financial effects on our business as well as our lives.
Money. We all need it to live, to play, even to build a business.  So why are we letting the clutter in our home office get in the way of making more money? 
“Oh it doesn’t bother me”
“I’m able to still work even with all the clutter on my desk”
Let’s look at some of the major financial effects of clutter:
– overlooked invoices/bills (hello late fees!)
– cheques getting lost and never claimed (most times you only have a year to claim them…some cases less)
– the “need” for an external storage unit (average American spend $100/month storing stuff for YEARS)
– your business looks unprofessional (hello live video…”oh you can see that big pile of papers I haven’t gotten to in 9 months with your request in their client XYZ?”)

So wouldn’t you agree that having an organized home and office is actually a great thing?

Nowadays with all the live streaming and videos, we take when it comes to our businesses, having a clean and tidy place to record those has many benefits.
– you get control back! (in your workspace, in life, you feel a sense of empowerment knowing that “You CAN do it!”)
– you find what you need when you need it (no more wasted time “looking for things” which means more of your time for your business clients)
– you clear your mind (what once felt overwhelming is now making you feel uplifted and recharged….clear the old and make room for new things in life and your business)
– Your business now looks professional (live videos are now something you look forward to because you no longer feel embarrassed at the sight of your home office…now, of course, I can’t help with the getting in front of the camera part seeing as I’m not a fan myself 😉)
– you have the mindset and understanding that it’s okay to say “No”…this includes buying things and saying no to opportunities that don’t make you say “hell yeah!” when it comes to your business)
– you spend less money  (and this is a great thing….less money spent equals more profits made!)
So what can you do today to save yourself time and money?
Want to learn the emotional effects or physical effects of clutter?

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