Introduction to Clutter Creepers

Clutter Creepers

Ever notice that when you walk into your home or office you can b-line for your computer or chair and not even look around?

Then one day, you actually look around and wonder;


How did all this stuff accumulate in here?

Why are there so many pairs of socks hanging around?

(And my personal favorite)

What IS that in the mug and how long has it been there?

Dishes, clothes, kids toys, craft supplies, tools, etc. these are all common #ClutterCreepers that somehow creep into your home and office space. Honestly, it can seem like one day you’re looking great, you’re organized and set for productivity and then within five minutes a tornado of “clutter” manages to creep its way in and leaves you wondering; “WTF?!”

In this series of blog posts, I’m going to go over the most common #ClutterCreepers that I’ve encountered with clients and show you ways to avoid them. Or, if you have sneaky kids/partners that still manage to clutter your home and office, I’ll show you ways to tackle those so it doesn’t drive you insane and you can get back to business.

Happy Decluttering!

From my desk to yours,


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