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Is minimalism a better lifestyle?

Is minimalism a better lifestyle?

For happiness?

Better health?

Is minimalism better for your relationships?

How about your business?

Have you ever looked around your home and honestly thought; “Do I love everything I have?” Hell, can you name off everything you have in your home? How about just in your home office? Can you stand in your home office right now, close your eyes, and name off everything you have and where you have placed those items? Let alone, why you have everything in your home office.

I truly wonder how many people can say yes.

As a society we get so caught up in the need to be neat and tidy and organized in all areas in our lives. What if it’s not so much as reorganizing what we have, rather, downsizing what we own? What if minimalism really is a healthier way of living?

Let’s look at what minimalism is.

I like Coline Wright’s (Exile Lifestyle) definition;


What Minimalism is really all about is reassessment of your priorities so that you can strip away the excess stuff – the processions and ideas and relationships and activities – that don’t bring value to your life.


So how does minimalism relate to your home office?

If you only had items in your home office that were really important to your business/life how would that look? Does that pile of receipt papers on the floor bring value to your business? Each and every book on your bookcase brings value to your business and your life? Can you say that fancy desk you’re working off really brings you happiness or did you just buy that particular one because it was the next best thing?

A lot of what minimalism is, is looking at what we own and deciding whether or not that “stuff” makes sense to keep in our lives.

Minimalism, with regards to your home office, isn’t about getting rid of everything and only having a desk, computer and chair to work. It’s about analyzing the WHY behind what you allow into your space and into your life. Bringing things into your home office that really energizes you and brings value to your business, will allow you to work in a positive state of mind. Clearing your space will also allow you to concentrate on more important things, your clients.

If that unicorn head, mounted on your home office wall, reminds you each time you look at it, how unique you are and how amazing your talents are for your clients and your business. Than damnit, you keep that unicorn! That brings value to your business and your life.

However, if you have something in a frame that you think “meh” when you see it, why keep it? Why add more clutter to your home office?


Taking a minimalistic approach to your home office (and life in general) is a great way to understanding what is important to you and your business. When you clear your space, you clear your mind and your stress levels are reduced.



Do you live a minimalistic lifestyle? Leave a comment below on how minimalism has helped your life and your business.



4 thoughts on “Is minimalism a better lifestyle?

  1. After reading this, I looked around my office and the thing that stood out was my Chamber of Commerce Membership plaque – I haven’t been a member since 2007. I think it can go!

    1. Yes Janet! It’s funny how we add things to certain rooms and don’t look again until someone/something is pointed out. Something that meant so much to you back in 2007, may not have the same positive value it does today, 2016. So it makes you examine all that you have and keep around. Have you noticed anything else you’ve kept “just because”?

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