Physical effects of clutter

Looking at the Physical effects of clutter

Clutter. You know what I’m talking about. Let’s specifically talk about the clutter in the home office. Books everywhere, binders stacked on top of one another, papers piled everywhere, and not to mention that coffee cup that’s been sitting there for days. So why is all the clutter there?
Let’s go over some of the main causes of clutter:
– unfinished projects (yep you’ll get to that project…”tomorrow”)
– no system in place or if there is a system, it’s too complicated
– keeping up with the Jones’ behaviour
– ‘attachment thinking’
Having the clutter around your home office (or house in general) causes so many effects to our bodies, our minds, our behaviour and our finances.
In this post I want to look at the Physical Effects of clutter:
– you’re disorganized
– items get lost (where are my keys??)
– personal health due to dust, germs and bacteria (okay so that coffee is actually from last week and it’s starting to get fussy white rings now…yikes)
– personal health due to stress
– risk of fire or injury (how many times have you tried to step over something only to slip on a piece of paper, blaming the clutter of course 😉)

So what do you do?

Well, you can hire a professional, but that will cost you a pretty penny (I know, I do this for clients locally). If you’re really ready to get control of the clutter and get sh*t done once and for all, then I suggest you start by purging/decluttering. Is not an easy process, but it is so worth it. I do not recommend organizing your home office without this major step. Seriously.
When purging/decluttering your home and office, ask yourself these questions for each item;
Do I use it?
Do I need it? (financial/legal reasons)
Do I love it?
Will I finish it?
Is it worth the space it occupies?
If your answer is “no”……why do you still have it in your life?
Want to learn more about the emotional effects or financial effects of clutter?

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