How to recognize attachment thinking in your life

What is it? And how to recognize attachment thinking in your life.


Some have heard of it, some have not. Some people wonder what the heck I’m talking about when it comes to attachment thinking. And some people told me they have totally experienced the same feelings/thoughts.

Attachment thinking by my definition is hanging onto an inanimate object, a person in your life, or a story because of the emotions that the thing/person/place/event brought you at the time. Attachment thinking can seem harmless until we are doing it with many things in our lives, that our lives become cluttered.

In the video, I explain more on what attachment thinking is and tell you how even I ended up having something in my life that wasn’t serving its purpose. But I was keeping around because I thought if I gave it away, I would be giving away the memory as well (spoiler….I did end up donating it after I realized the memory will always be with me, but the clutter would not).





Here’s a quick breakdown of the video (in case you didn’t want to hear all the “um”s lol):

0:40 – What is Attachment Thinking? 

Attachment thinking is when you have developed an emotional attachment to possessions that take up space in your life and that you have no practical use for

0:59 – Heather’s Story

I had a metal teapot from my grandmother that I carried house to house, cupboard to cupboard and never saw practical use. I don’t even drink tea so why was I keeping this thing around? Attachment thinking. In the end, I let the item go to a new home where a tea drinker is going to use it and gain joy from it.

3:01 – Attachment Thinking is  More than Just Things

Attachment thinking can apply to people in our lives, our jobs and so much more. We keep these “things” around because we feel we have to but do you? What about the things we don’t need any more like textbooks? maybe you were working towards a degree and you found your true calling. Now you have textbooks laying around you have no practical use for. Why? Maybe you need to let go. (If you have textbooks you do need check our this clever storage hack)

4:35 – Clutter Adds Up!

Sometimes we keep things around and brush it off with the thought that its only one thing. How many of these “one things” are taking up space in your life?

5:03 – Look at Your Space

Take a look around. Is your space filled with these items? How many things do you have that fall into attachment thinking? Are the things around you giving you joy or serving a purpose? Or are they just gathering dust?

5:29 – Why Do People Keep These Things?

There are so many reasons why people keep these things around. Some of the more popular reasons:

  • Cost. Just because it once cost you a small fortune doesn’t mean it needs to stay
  • Might Use. But will you really? If you haven’t touched it in 6 months maybe you need to re-examine why you have it
  • A gift. Maybe a loved one gave it to you and you feel you need to keep it.

6:31 – You Can Gain By Letting Go!

Take some time and recognize that what you are holding onto is just a thing. In the end, it’s the relationships and memories that really matter.

7:04 – Think About Letting Go

Look at the things you now know are there because of attachment thinking. Think about letting go of them and try to think about the space you will gain not only in your home, but in your mind.

7:58 – Understand That Clutter is Emotional Too

These things take up space in our homes but they also take up space in your mind. They clutter our emotions and often this is what I find with clients. That they can’t move forward because this emotional clutter is holding them back.

8:49 – I Do This to Help You!

I make these videos and I started my business so I can help people move forward. I want to help people reach their goals.

9:10 – Clear the Clutter!

Clean off that desk! Get up and move! Shake things up! You CAN clear out this clutter that holds you back.


Take some positive steps and #DeclutterYourLife.


As always, I would love to hear your take on attachment thinking and your stories about how it impacts your life. Leave a comment below, join me on the Facebook page to get notifications of the LIVE Shows and follow me on Twitter.


The memories those items carry, are always going to be with you.


From my desk to yours,




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