Why Online Organization Works

Online organization?

Say whaaaat?!?

Yep. You heard me.  I want to help you organize your home office. ..virtually.

I own a local cleaning and organizing business. I love being able to go into a house, do something that, to me, is relaxing and a stress release (I know I’m that weird person that likes to clean and organize when I’m upset, happy, sad, angry, etc. It’s just my thing). I love when the homeowners come home and see such a neat, tidy and clean home. They can sit down and relax and enjoy their space.

So when I was trying to figure out another business adventure (because having just one business isn’t enough for me apparently 😉) I went to the online world. After many attempts at things I thought I wanted to do, someone (virtually) hit me over the head with this idea;

Home and office organizing for entrepreneurs and business owners.

I knew that this was an “out of the box” idea, so I was totally on board to see the possibilities. I bet you’re wondering:

“Okay great idea, but how can you virtually organize?”

TRUTH? I’m not….YOU are! I’m here to help you and guide you through the purging and organizing process…see where you want to go, and take you there. Even if that means holding your hand to the end. I’m here.

I’ve been asked many times;  “why would I organize my home office myself, when I can just hire a local professional to do it for me? I don’t have time to do it.”

Here’s the deal. Professional organizers come at a premium  (I know, I do this for clients locally) and unless you’re working WITH the organizer, the results will not have a large impact. In my experience, the clients that have worked with me throughout the entire process, have been the most successful in keeping the space organized.

“You don’t have time to organize” really means you don’t see the importance of organizing.

What if I told you that your business is less productive because of the clutter? How about; the average American loses $4000/year (based on a $35,000/year salary) just searching for lost files?  Or that the average American spends 36.4 hours a year searching for something so simple; their keys. If you multiply that number by your hourly wage, how much money could you be losing annually?

Now, do you understand why organizing your home office is important?

Still wondering why you should be organizing yourself versus hiring someone to do it all for you?

I have figured out an analogy for the online organizing versus me doing it for people.

It’s like going to the doctors for your annual check-up and your doctor tells you that you have high blood pressure and also need to lose 30 lbs.

Do you ask your doctor to lose the weight for you? (declutter and organize your home office) And just give you blood pressure pills to mask the issue? (Put all the clutter into storage bins)

Or …..

Do you ask for a detox meal plan (purging and organizing plan of action) and exercise routine (a maintenance plan of action) to get into the good habits yourself?

Decluttering and organizing your office YOURSELF with plans of action as your “routine and detox meal plan” get you into the habits needed to address the issues for good not just mask the problem. It will give you a sense of pride and relief, knowing that you were able to take, what once felt so overwhelming, into something that feels so uplifting and recharging. You clear out the old and make room for more abundance in your life and business.

Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope to hear from you soon.


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